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Becoming Marie

12 May 2019


Hello I am Marie. I am a 51 year young transwoman. I did not start my transition until I was 48 after having a heart attack. Thats when I started living for myself and not for societies thought of how I should live and be.
Many have made it a point to say that I can't be a woman because parts of me are male. What they don't understand is that the physical parts that are male do not make me a man. That part is only used for sex which have no interest in performing. What makes me woman is what I feel inside and what is identified within our culture that which defines a man or woman. The following posts will consist of my daily struggles to become the person I was meant to be and what I endured in the past while trying to be the person others thought I should be.

Like stated before I will post every two weeks. Any comments or questions can be sent to Email Marie

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